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A Complete Guide for Budget-Friendly Virtual Celebrations in India


People are staying away from friends and in some cases away from family as well (completely alone in a city) in these testing times. This staying apart is actually mentally exhausting because one also is dealing with the pandemic on a regular basis.

So, from time to time one needs to relax and let it go. Staying apart does not mean one cannot plan and enjoy a happy occasion together.  Celebrating through a virtual party is something which also gives people a chance to connect with each other even though they cannot physically come together in person. Also, not only this, but one can host a lot of events these days virtually.

Although one’s planning to do list will not be as elaborate for virtual celebrations as it is for a real party, but it is essential to ensure that one needs to prepare properly, and they need to arrange for the right streaming technology to make it a success. Here are some ideas on how to execute virtual parties which can turn out to be quite a fun.

If one wants to celebrate with their remote employees about some success of the company or a promotion; here are a few things one can think of as a part of virtual celebrations. Remember, everything that one does or desire to arrange will depend on the budget. Hence one has to zero down on that before they start making any plans.

  • How about buying the teammates some delicious lunch and eat together while celebrating? This is possible all thanks to online food delivery apps and one can send food to all their team mates and ensure they reach their doorstep right on time. One can either make a meal plan on their own or can take help from a few of their teammates and chalk out a proper meal plan before ordering.
  • Hosting a virtual watch party is something which one can often do with their friends. But one can do it with their colleagues as well. One can use a platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime and choose a show or a film and share it with other teammates so that they can share the screen and watch them together.
  • How about playing some games and boost up the adrenaline rush in the party? One can bring in some old games to play like a board game (of course an online version of it) or a trivia night together. If one has time, they can also prepare of a themed quiz as well. One can do this easily if they have not many participants in the party.

Here are some other basic things to keep in mind:

  • Plan the right time. Pick a time when everyone will be able to join and send a calendar invitation to all of them.
  • Pick the beck online conference technology and choose a simple tool through which all the attendees can register. Make sure everyone gets the access to the room call.

Also, do not forget to make a recording of that video so that you can all cherish them together when you can finally meet physically.

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