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Do I Need an Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney?

Ohio law is a complex network of regulations, statutes, and court decisions. Our society would be utterly chaotic without these laws, of course, with rampant crime and unsafe streets disrupting everyday life.

However, the law is not perfect – many laws contain vague language that allows for interpretation. This means there may be subtle variations in how each lawyer or judge understands and applies the law in individual cases. These interpretations benefit the accused in some cases, but benefit the prosecution in other cases.

What is an Attorney?

An attorney has the education to provide legal advices to people and businesses. Also known as a lawyer, an attorney represents people and businesses in court, before government agencies, and in private negotiations.

Criminal defense lawyers focus their time and attention to protecting the rights of defendants; they also help their clients reduce the negative effects that being arrested and charged with a crime can bring.

Most everyday citizens have a cursory knowledge of the law. We all know it is illegal to steal, for example, or to drive while under the influence (DUI). Ohio law is very complex and is constantly changing, though, which makes it hard to understand the nuances of the law and keep up with the changes. What’s more, many crimes are not as clear-cut as they may appear on the surface – and many innocent people go to jail every year because they do not fully understand the law.

Having an attorney skilled in interpreting current law can drastically change the outcome of criminal court cases. Potter Law is the criminal defense attorney Bowling Green residents rely on for an optimal outcome in criminal cases.

Hiring an attorney experienced in handling DUI cases is especially important. Potter Law has a highly experienced DUI attorney Bowling Green residents need for a fair trial.

What Does it Take to Become an Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney?

To become a criminal defense attorney in Ohio, someone must earn a bachelor’s degree then graduate from an accredited law school. During law school, law students must complete courses covering criminal and civil procedure, contracts, real property, domestic relations and many other legal topics.

Following graduation, the candidate must pass a test for admission to the “bar,” which is the collective term for all practicing attorneys. This test, known as the bar examination, is a comprehensive test administered by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

To retain their licenses, all attorneys practicing in Ohio must attend and complete 24 hours of continuing education courses, including 2.5 hours in professionalism and ethics, every two years. This ensures that your Ohio attorney is up-to-date on changes in Ohio law.

What is Legal Advice?

When your attorney gives “advice,” they are providing you with a professional conclusion, drawn from many years of study and training along with many hours of research. Attorneys can practice any type of law, but most lawyers concentrate on a few specific areas of the law, such as criminal law. Because the laws are so complex, having an attorney who specializes in practicing specific types of law can improve the outcome of your case.

The Six Amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to defend themselves, of course, but representing yourself may not give you the best outcome possible. Without specific knowledge of current laws, it is possible that you

Lack of training and experience in practicing law leaves you vulnerable to a judgment against you, which may lead to a long jail sentence and stiff fines. People defending themselves in court also tend to get nervous and overly defensive under pressure. Nervousness and lack of training may even cause you to say or do things that might incriminate you.

Clearly, the best thing to do is to hire a good lawyer. For more information or to get the best outcome possible in your court case, consult with Potter Law. Criminal lawyer Findlay has the skills and experience you need.

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