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Eaton Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Variable frequency drives have become a bread and butter component when designing systems and automation for industrial applications. No surprise, this equipment type also can be vulnerable to failure if fabricated with low quality assemblies and poor durability. Most frequency drive issues at the start are not mistakes in the environment or performance, but rather mismatches of low-level equipment and poor design to high demand needs.

Matching Today’s Industrial Complexity with Viable System Control

Eaton’s adjustable frequency drives, better known as variable frequency drives (VFDs), are the mainstay standard for industry high quality system management today. They provide a compact control unit with a small footprint that includes a powerful system management resource as well as maximum configuration capability.

No surprise, Eaton VFDs have been applied in multiple systems with very different connections, demands and output because the VFD models are so versatile. That included management of water treatment systems, capital equipment and machinery, HVAC systems for complexes, assembly lines and more. The strength of Eaton VFDs comes from their combination of durability, high quality design and build, and easy application to variable demand systems that have constantly, periodically or erratically changing power flows daily.

Multi-Faceted Value in the Same Package

The direction VFDs provide users in the control of equipment motor speed allows detailed monitoring and adjustment for disparate systems that would otherwise require redundant separate controls with increased management time, maintenance and support. Instead, because of the flexible configuration options available with Eaton VFDs, users can simultaneously control different inputs and outputs through the same robust VFD unit. Even better, Eaton VFDs don’t have a massive physical space footprint. Where installation areas and physical zones are at a premium and limited, Eaton VFDs can literally fit right in, be connected on the spot and up and running in a short amount of time.

Remember, key factors typically impacts electronics and system management, including:

  • Environmental extremes such as temperature
  • Speed changes and variability of power demands throughout the work cycle
  • Speed regulation needs for controlling systems that can increase with power output
  • Torque requirements when connected to machinery physics
  • Short acceleration time demands
  • Variable work cycle requirements

All of these factors and more can be directly addressed by Eaton VFDs with amazing success and long-lasting performance. In fact, most companies that switch their systems over to Eaton equipment end up asking themselves why they didn’t make the change sooner.

Guidance and Customer Support for Eaton Product Users

Seagate Controls is your direct connection for available selections of Eaton VFDs. Not only do our specialized teams provide clients detailed support and information on what Eaton VFD products are available for order, we also provide system operational installation help, design, guidance and education on Eaton VFDs as well. That means from start to finish, Seagate Controls will be available and present in helping your company adapt to the use of Eaton VFDs. We don’t just sell Eaton VFDs, we support the product line long-term, keeping our clients in the know as well as enjoying the maximum benefits from Eaton’s technology.

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