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How To Deal With Cybersecurity Threats Effectively?

Cybersecurity is a very imminent part of every business since everything on the web runs on the internet nowadays. It is due to this particular reason that the number of IoT devices has increased significantly in the last few years, so has the pool of opportunity for unethical hackers. On average, Canadian companies alone end up losing millions of dollars. There are, however, many techniques that can be used in order to reduce, if not completely remove, the risk of a data security breach. Some of those techniques that shouldn’t be missed out upon are given below.

  1. Educate Employees

Educating employees about the ways to recognize and report security threats like malware and phishing links make a lot of difference. You must also monitor employee behavior to analyze if there’s any internal threat. The best ways to educate employees include;

  • Arranging seminars to make them aware of their role in cybersecurity.
  • Encouraging them to not use an unprotected wifi network to access their system.
  • Educating them about the importance of not sharing their username and password with anyone else.
  1. Use Network Protection Techniques

A well-protected network is the one that hackers usually prefer to skip for the amount of time it may require to hack. The best ways to make your network that strong include the following.

  • Network Segmentation – Do not save the company’s information in 1 single network. Divide the company into multiple networks and store only some pieces of information per network.
  • Run Network Scans – Use network scanning tools to ensure that there’s no hidden bug. You can also hire ethical hackers by running bug bounty programs to ensure no serious bug remains hidden.
  1. Use Basic Protection Techniques

The 3 basic cyber hygiene habits are;

  • A strong backdoor password
  • A strong firewall
  • A strong antivirus

The steps to make the backdoor password of IoT devices strong include the following.

  • Make the password 12-20 characters long.
  • Complicate the password by using symbols, numbers, and alphabets.
  • Do not repeat the password no matter how strong it is.
  • Delete the password access for employees that leave the company.

For the firewall and antivirus, keep updating them to keep them bug-free.

  1. Hire Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers work with software companies to run scans in order to identify hidden bugs and patch them. Running bug bounty programs is the best way to locate such hackers and bring them on board to work as a part of your cybersecurity team.

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