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Previous Indian cricketer and also popular cricket analyst, Akash Chopra, has lately revealed his point of view on the potential captaincy candidates for 2 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) & Royal Oppositions Bangalore (RCB). According to Chopra, Shreyas Iyer could be an exceptional selection for either of these groups. In this write-up, we will certainly discover Chopra’s thoughts on Iyer’s captaincy abilities & his potential to lead a group in the IPL.


Shreyas Iyer is an Indian cricketer that has actually been making waves in the cricketing globe with his remarkable batting skills and on-field leadership abilities. He has already, led the Delhi Resources (DC) team in the IPL, as well as under his captaincy, the group got to the last in the 2020 season. Iyer’s ability to remain tranquil under pressure and also make wise, choices has actually gained him praise from cricket, professionals and also followers alike.

Chopra’s Opinion

Akash Chopra, that is recognized for his logical commentary and also cricketing understandings, has lately mentioned that Shreyas Iyer could be a superb option for the captaincy role at KKR or RCB. According to Chopra, Iyer has actually currently verified his management capabilities with DC, and he has the possible to lead any kind of group in the IPL.

Chopra likewise highlighted Iyer’s calm & composed attitude on the area, which is a crucial quality for an effective captain in the IPL. He also applauded Iyer’s capability to check out the game and make smart decisions, which is important in the busy and also high-pressure setting of the IPL.

Possible Influence

If Shreyas Iyer were to be assigned as the captain of either KKR or RCB, it can have a considerable influence on the team’s performance. Iyer’s management skills, combined with his outstanding batting capacities, might prove to be a winning mix for either team.

KKR and also RCB have battled with their captaincy selections in the past, as well as Iyer’s consultation could be provide much-needed security and also direction to these teams. Additionally, Iyer’s experience of leading a group in the IPL, paired with his favorable perspective and also exceptional communication abilities, could be assist him build a solid and also natural group.

Final thought:

Akash Chopra’s viewpoint on Shreyas Iyer’s prospective as a captain for KKR or RCB is undoubtedly worth taking into consideration. Iyer has actually currently verified his management skills with DC, and his tranquility and also composed attitude on the area could be a property to any group in the IPL.

While it stays to be seen if KKR or RCB will consider Iyer for the captaincy duty, there is no denying that he has the potential to be a successful leader in the IPL. With the event simply around the bend, cricket followers will be eagerly waiting! to see which group Iyer will certainly be leading in the upcoming period.

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