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Role of Mathematics in Different Fields

Mathematics is employed in a wide range of applications in the real world. A person uses arithmetic in grocery shopping, number theory in information technology and cryptography, statistics are often used in marketing and experimental sciences, and the list of mathematics applications is endless.

Apart from these, several mathematical topics, such as probability, set theory, trigonometry, and so on, are equally important, and their applications can be observed in practically every aspect of our lives. Let us look at how Mathematics is used in many fields in this article.

Mathematics in MRI Scanning

By obtaining numerous two-dimensional snapshots from various orientations, MRI scanners can build three-dimensional representations of the human body. Tomography is the process of reconstructing the original 3-dimensional model from these images, and it wouldn’t operate without complex mathematics like Radon Transforms. Mathematics is literally saving people’s lives.

Mathematics in Weather Prediction

With millions of molecules functioning, the weather is an extraordinarily complicated system. Even with the world’s largest supercomputers and a vast network of weather sensors, predicting the weather is surprisingly challenging. However, even slight variations in measurements and simulation settings can significantly impact the accuracy of these predictions. As a result, predicting the weather more than a few weeks ahead of time is still impossible – but the precision of mathematical models and the efficiency of computers can only improve over time.

Mathematics in Search Engines

Every day, billions of people utilise the internet. One reason is that the internet makes it so simple to find information rapidly through search engines like Google. Google represents all pages on the internet in a massive matrix to select the most relevant sites and present them at the top. Many of Google’s other services, such as identifying directions in Maps, text recognition while scanning books, compressing YouTube videos, voice recognition on Android, recognising faces in photos, and translating text, involve mathematics.

Mathematics in Construction

Construction necessitates the collaboration of individuals. People with various skill sets assure the structure’s success from planning to development to inauguration. Structural engineers are one of the many specialists involved in construction. Structural engineers are the people who make architectural plans a reality. They examine how structures behave to factors in their environments using various mathematical techniques.

Structural engineers guide before any work begins. They incorporate new knowledge into strategy and assessment activities even during construction. Structural engineers, for example, evaluate how vibrations caused by the wind affect the structure, subsurface transportation, earth movements, human movements, and so on.

Thus, from the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, and calculus to the applications of set theory, which involves superset, subset, empty set, etc., are used in science and mathematics, as well as in computer and electrical engineering.

Hence, mathematics can be used to solve any problem involving analytical and reasoning thinking. As we know, the ability to think critically is referred to as analytical thinking, and the ability to think logically is known as reasoning. Any complicated problem can be solved if a person has a strong foundation in analytical and cognitive ability.

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