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Terrible 911 Telephone Call Transcript Exposes A Mysterious Murder

Keyona Griffin was one among several sufferers of the Michigan Family members tragedy that called 911 to educate concerning the catastrophe sooner than she herself acquired eliminated.

65-year-old At 553 Sheldon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jacqueline Baber-Bey. 25-year-old Keyona Griffin. 47-year-old Cherletta Baber-Bey, as well as her enthusiast, 47-year-old “Jay,” stayed jointly.

Living a basic life, a horrifying tragedy struck the family members staying month resulting in a massacre. Right here is each aspect we discover out about it.

Who Is Keyona Griffin?

Keyona Griffin is the lady that referred to as 911 to educate them regarding the killing of her aunt and her achievable murder. Seven mins as well as 41 seconds after the choice between Keyona as well as 911 finished, three Grand Rapids Law enforcement officer got to 553 Sheldon.

The Grand Rapids Authorities Division launched bodycam footage of their arrival. After fairly a number of tries to get involved in the house, they stopped working and didn’t try to call anybody in between.

The authorities in Grand Rapids under no circumstances made contact with anyone had within the home. They left three minutes and 42 seconds after they arrived. 911 dispatchers obtained a 2nd title from the a similar home two hours as well as 18 minutes later.

Sanford Cummings II was his identify. In an upstairs mattress space, he discovered his 25-year-old sibling Keyona inefficient. She ‘d been shot 4 circumstances, certainly one amongst which hit her inside the face. When police officers returned, they found a 2nd lack of life at 553 Sheldon.

911 Telephone Call Records & Murder Update

47-year-old Cherletta Baber-Bey was uncovered unconscious in her bed mattress. She was showing off earphones and also propped up on a padding with an iPad that was nevertheless teaming up in. She ‘d been hit behind the highest possible with a bullet.

Cherletta was explained by her family members as a loving, reliable, and also splendid lady who avoided social scenarios, constant with Target 8. “Jay” was her very first true guy, as well as both invested the majority of their time collectively in her bed mattress space.

Investigatives discovered a subject of letters in Cherletta’s wardrobe in the middle of the murder questions. It was a group of “jail letters” in between her and also Derrell Brown. Derrell educated Cherletta in these letters that he went by the established “Jay.” It was the signature on all the letters.

Is The Suspected Killer Arrested?

No, the suspected murderer has not been apprehended nevertheless.

The Grand Rapids Police Division supplied a records of Keyona Griffin’s frenzied 911 title hrs quicker than the murders inside the days following the fatalities, however restricted entry to the selection’s specific audio.

Target 8 investigators tried as quickly as extra in October 2021. We acquired the 911 audio as well as cops record under the Liberty of Information Act to have the ability to deliver factor to consider to the worldwide manhunt for the killer, which is currently in its 4th yr.

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