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How do slots work?

Whatever you call them, it is impossible to have a minimum of experience with the world of casino and gambling and never have come across a slot machine. From their origins at the end of the 19th century to the unprecedented popularity they enjoy in today’s online casinos, slots have evolved to become complex and interactive games with thousands of variants, although all casinos reserve a space for the classic one-armed bandits, with their three reels full of fruits, bars and sevens.

But how do slots work? It’s a more complicated question than it might seem. Let’s take a look at the evolution from the original mechanical slots to today’s modern online slots.

Slots mechanics

Classic slots, much like an automatic watch, are entirely mechanical. The original “one-armed bandits” use a system of gears and levers around a central axis on which the reels rotate. When a player inserts a coin or token, a detector registers the payout via a sensor (just like a vending machine) and allows the lever to be pulled.

Many slots work this way even today. The three paddles then make contact with the disks on which the rollers are shown, which rotate around the central axis. This causes them to rotate rapidly until the cam returns to its place and stops each roller one at a time; this is not a mechanical necessity, but is done to build suspense: “Did I win?”

“Have I won?”. The three discs holding the rollers of a mechanical slot determine when a payout is awarded by several notches of varying depths. Just as a lock is only unlocked when the correct key is inserted to push the locking pins into the proper position, a mechanical slot only awards a payout when the notches on the gears line up correctly to release a predetermined number of coins.

The evolution of slots

Although, to this day, classic one-armed bandits, fruit machines and mechanical slots continue to spread their magic around the world, electronic slots are much more common in almost every casino. From the player’s perspective, these slots work in the same way as their mechanical counterparts: players pull a lever and watch the reels spin before the result is displayed.

Many electronic slots still use pre-recorded sound effects of gears and levers, even though they contain none. Instead, these electronic slots work with motors to spin the reels and electromagnetic circuits to slow them down. When a winning combination is achieved, metal contacts connected to the reels activate circuit boards that allow different operations to the payout system to award the different prizes.

Even these machines are rare compared to computerized slots, which make up the vast majority of modern slots found in casinos. Although you may wonder if casinos configure slots, the truth is that these machines use computerized electrical impulses to spin the reels and an integrated RNG (random number generator) to determine when to stop spinning. These RNGs are verified by independent authorities to ensure that they are truly as random as possible.

How do online slots work?

The next stage in this evolution of slots could not be other than the irruption of online casinos. The best online slots at MYB Casino – are already waiting for you. Online slots are by far the most popular game in any online casino, and you will find thousands of different titles in their catalogs. Like computerized slots, they use an RNG to determine the prizes and can offer a great variety of special rounds and mini-games to the players

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