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Some of the best cakes from around the World you must taste once in your life

Cake is a dish that diners consider the princess of the culinary world and can represent a certain culture. Let us explore the world’s most famous cakes that always attract culinary devotees!

Black Forest Cake – Germany

Black Forest is the name of a cake, a dessert, originating from Germany. The cake consists of many layers of chocolate sponge cake interspersed with layers of fresh cream mixed with cherries, then covered with a layer of fresh cream, then decorated with black cherries and shredded chocolate.

Tiramisu – Italy

Tiramisu is a classy dessert in Italian cuisine and has become the most popular dish in many restaurants in Europe. Cake is a harmonious combination between marsala light wine, eggs, cream cheese mascarpone and coffee. When enjoying, the cake is as soft as melting on the tip of the tongue but still has the spongy taste of gato cake.

Sachertorte – Austria

Sachertorte is a sponge cake created by Austria’s finest chocolate. Sachertorte has a light sweet taste, consisting of several layers of cake made from bread crumb and chocolate milk cake, mixed between layers of cake is apricot jam.

Victoria Sponge – UK

This cake is named after Queen Victoria of England. A traditional Victoria Sponge consists of jam and double the amount of cream. Cakes are often used in British afternoon tea.

Pavlova – Australia

Pavlova is used as cornstarch so this cake is very spongy and soft on the inside but quite crunchy on the outside of the crust. Pavlova cake has a layer of fresh flowers on the outside to add a delicious, irresistible flavor.

Macarons – France

Macaron is a popular French pastry made from egg whites, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder and added food coloring. The filling is usually filled with jam, ganache or buttercream sandwiched between the two sides of the cake. In the top of the world’s most delicious cakes, Macaron is discovered by many people not only to enjoy but also learn how to make this dish.

Apple Pie – USA

Apple pie is considered a symbol of American culinary culture, representing prosperity and pride during the years of the 19th and 20th centuries of this country. American apple pie with a thin, crispy crust, hidden with a sweet apple filling, with a slight sour taste of fruit, will be a perfect choice for pastry lovers around the world.

Tapioca Cake – Brazil

This is a fairly popular snack in Brazil. Bread is crispy thin rolled flour, when eaten, it will be sandwiched with cream, banana, cheese, and chocolate. When you eat it, you will feel a strange taste with soft cake filling, cake crust, sweet and mildly flavored chocolate…

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