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Roller shutters are protective shutters that are mounted above a door or window and can be rolled down to provide a protective shield for the door or window as needed. Roller shutters come in an assortment of sizes and colours to suit all homes and businesses, meaning families and business owners alike can quickly and capably find the perfect roller shutter solution to match their home. Modern designed roller shutters are commonly made from either aluminium or steel and come in single and dual layer options.

How do roller shutters work?

The concept of roller shutters Newcastle is as simple as it sounds. Roller shutters literally operate by smoothly rolling up or down advanced side guides fitted onto both sides of the window or door. By following best Australian building design standards, roller shutters Newcastle, access to the shutter side guides should be very minimal, has been specially designed to prevent intruders from attempting to force access to the premises. When roller shutters newcastle are reclined all the way up to the top, they are discretely concealed behind a narrow, presentable piece of material, commonly referred to as a ‘cassette’. This preserves the presentation of the premises, the shutters natural beauty and its aesthetic appeal. There are many different types of popular roller shutter control systems available in the Australian market. These are battery, electric motor, strap winders and manual winders. Electric motors and manual winders are known to be the two most popular options across Australia. With such a diverse range of options, home-owners are able to manually or remotely operate their roller shutters based on their budget and personal preferences.

What are the benefits of roller shutters?

The main benefits of roller shutters Newcastle are protection, noise reduction and financial savings. The burglar prevention design and location of roller shutters Newcastle makes it very difficult for unwanted intruders to attempt to forcibly access your property, adding a layer of personal safety for you and anyone else regularly using the premises. If you live near frequently noisy locations (schools, airports, highways) you will understand the frustration of persistent noise pollution. Roller shutters that are closed to the bottom add a physical barrier to decrease excessive noise from your surrounding environments. Energy prices are always on the rise and your bare windows aren’t helping your finances. Insulation is provided in the winter and heat is absorbed by the roller shutter Newcastle’s foam, keeping your household cool in the summer. An electric or manual roller shutter may act as your financial benefactor. Industry standards state that roller shutters lower power consumption of up to 64% annually.

How do I know I am getting quality roller shutters?

Word of mouth is the best way to find a great (or not so great!) supplier of roller shutters near you. Consider asking a friend, family member or colleague who has recently had their home updated. Ask who they used and what they thought of both the service and the finished product. Make sure there is communication around the warranty, making sure it follows Australian Consumer Law. Independent review boards or pages are also fairly reliable sources of information as most don’t allow the companies reviewed to amend or remove reviews they don’t like or agree with.


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