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How to Activate and Enjoy YouTube Kids on Sky: A Parent’s Guide

YouTube Kids is a fantastic platform designed specifically for children, offering a wide range of age-appropriate videos, educational content, and entertainment. If you’re a Sky subscriber, you can easily access and activate YouTube Kids on your Sky Q box or Sky Glass, ensuring a safe and enjoyable viewing experience for your little ones. This guide will walk you through the activation process and provide helpful tips for maximizing your child’s experience on YouTube Kids.

Activation Process:

Access the App:

On your Sky Q box, navigate to the “Apps” section on the Home screen.

On Sky Glass, find YouTube Kids on the Apps rail.

Initial Setup:

Open the YouTube Kids app.

Select “Get Started” to initiate the setup process.

Enter your year of birth using the Sky remote keypad.

If you’ve previously used YouTube Kids, choose “Yes, sign in” and follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

If this is your first time, you’ll need to create a parent profile. Visit to set up your profile, which gives you complete control over the app’s settings and content.

Parental Controls:

After logging in or creating a parent profile, you can customize parental controls to suit your child’s age and preferences.

Choose from different age categories to filter content accordingly.

Set time limits for viewing sessions.

Block specific videos or channels.

Enable or disable search functionality.

Enjoying YouTube Kids on Sky:

Content Variety: Explore a vast library of videos featuring popular kids’ characters, educational shows, music, and more.

Safe Environment: Rest assured that the content on YouTube Kids is curated and monitored to ensure it’s appropriate for children.

Offline Viewing: Download videos for offline viewing when you don’t have an internet connection.

Multiple Profiles: Create separate profiles for each child to personalize their experience and recommendations.

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Tips for Parents:

Watch Together: Join your child in watching videos to share the experience and discuss the content.

Set Boundaries: Establish clear rules and expectations regarding screen time and content choices.

Encourage Exploration: Help your child discover new interests and educational content on the platform.

Stay Updated: Regularly review the parental control settings and adjust them as your child grows.

Additional Resources:

For further assistance, refer to Sky’s official help article on YouTube Kids:

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By following these simple steps and utilizing the available tools, you can confidently activate and enjoy YouTube Kids on Sky, providing your child with a safe and engaging entertainment experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find YouTube Kids on Sky Q or Sky Glass?

A: On Sky Q, go to the “Apps” section. On Sky Glass, find it on the Apps rail.

Q: Do I need a separate subscription for YouTube Kids?

A: No, YouTube Kids is free to use and accessible with your Sky subscription.

Q: Can I restrict content based on my child’s age?

A: Yes, you can set age filters during the setup process or later in the parental control settings.

Q: How do I block specific videos or channels?

A: You can manage blocked content through your parent profile settings on the YouTube Kids website.

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