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6 Outfit Ideas to Spice Up Your Style

Unless you are a minimalist, wearing the same style over and over again will really be a problem. However, if you want to present your best whenever you are in public, then you may want to consider spicing up your wardrobe.

Today’s article is a list of outfit ideas that enhance your overall style and increase your confidence in the process.

So without any further delays, let’s begin…

  1. Embellish with Accessories and Jewelry

Adding humble accessories and jewelry can boost your outfit greatly. However, you have to be sure that the items complement your attire. And then, you also have to acknowledge that you never attempt to embellish in a gaudy fashion because it may look an eye sore and just unpleasing.

  1. Optimize Your Shape

Some examples of shapeless clothing are oversized t-shirts, straight-cut dresses, and loose pants. Don’t get me wrong, they encourage better airflow and provide great fashion at some point. But this won’t be the case all the time, and they may come out awkward if they are not worn properly.

Also, you may want to flaunt your best physical features with clothes that have shapes if you’re confident that you have a great body. Another way you can optimize your shape is by wearing fashionable belts.

  1. Try Fusing Patterns and Colors

If your current style no longer gives you joy, you may consider mixing it up by using blending various patterns and colors. In all honestly, you don’t have to ditch the entire theme if you are not comfortable with it. Again, you can improve your overall fashion sense just by tweaking as simple as fusing the palettes and theme of the current outfit.

  1. Bear in Mind Complimenting Textures

In addition to patterns and colors, you also have to take into account several complementary textures. The following are some examples you can use as a reference to give you a good idea of how it works—

  • Combine different types of fabric, such as cotton with wool or leather with cotton
  • Pair various jewelry and other ornaments
  • Think of fusing different textured clothing, such as an embellished skirt with a thick knitted sweater.
  • Combine attires with unique finishes, such as faded jeans that are paired with a silk blouse
  1. Try Different Hairstyle and Makeup

Other than clothes and accessories, you can also spice up your style by trying out different hairstyles and varieties of makeup brands. In addition, choosing the proper outfit or attire for your new hairstyle and makeup can significantly boost your style.

It also works the other way around. So instead of adjusting your attire to accommodate your new hairstyle, you can choose a hairstyle that suits your wardrobe.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Different Layers

This particular tip is excellent for people who are trying to save money by re-hauling their wardrobes instead of buying new ones—you can reuse your old wardrobe or buy more affordable outfits. Also, it’s a great opportunity to stimulate your creativity.

Considering layers is excellent for areas with cooler seasons, such as spring and fall. Some of the best examples of layers are as follows—

  • Hoodies designed by customized hoodie maker can add a little personal touch to your outfit layered with puffer jackets
  • A wool jacket that’s top with a denim jacket
  • Spaghetti dress over a long-sleeve shirt
  • Button-down shirt over a turtleneck which is a common attire you see in Asian novellas such as k-dramas

 Final Thoughts

Never be afraid to modify your wardrobe and experiment with different attires whenever you feel the need to spice up your style. The ideas that were relayed in this article are some suggestions you can refer to and pattern your prospects. You can freely try out the ideas you have in mind that accommodate your preferred style accordingly.

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