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What are the football betting odds that are 90% sure to win

It is essential to know the odds if you are interested in online football betting. There are various ways to determine the odds, but how to know that they will guarantee a win? We have accumulated many odd selecting techniques to ensure you pocket a profit with your bets. We bring you this brief comprehensive guide to transform your betting experience.

What are the Odds for Different Markets?

There are various ways you can wager in online football betting. A few of them are:

  • Match Outcome

A match outcome bet predicts whether the match will end in a win, loss, or draw. As a bettor, you are supposed to be on the outcome at the end of the game. It is also one of the most straightforward bets of online football betting.

  • Correct Score

This type of bet is a bit trickier. You are required to predict the exact score at full time. To explain it better, you wager for team A to beat team B 2-1. You win your bet if team A successfully beats team B 2-1.

  • First Goalscorer

In this type of bet, you are supposed to bet on a player to score the match’s first goal. When you bet on your favourite player to achieve the first goal of the match and do it successfully, you will win your bet.

  • Accumulator

It is the type of bet where the bettors accumulate several single bets into one large bet. A combined bet means a more significant profit if you place your bets carefully. If all your selections win, then you win the bet.

  • Card Betting

This allows you to bet on how many numbers of yellow and red cards will be shown throughout the game. You can also bet on specific players that you make an educated guess would receive the cards. You will win the bet if the numbers or players you predicted would get the cards are correct.

  • In-play Betting

In in-play betting, the user can bet on the match in progress.

  • Both Team Scores

The name says it all, for you to win this bet, both teams must score. You can place a bet on either the team to achieve or the team not to score. The outcomes you would want to see for both the team score are 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, etc. And, if you bet on both teams not scoring, they have to be 0-0 for you to win.

Pro Tips

  • Research a little on their payment options.
  • Check their reputation and licencing.
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  • Find the games you like.
  • Consider the affordability.


Explore these different markets to secure a win in these football online bettings. It is essential to be well-informed on how you can place your bet. Only then would you be able to place educated bets and boost your winnings. Do not exceed any limits of money that you have set for you to bet. The experience is only pleasurable as long as you stay responsible. Bet with confidence and style on Superwin, the ultimate destination for sports and casino enthusiasts. Have fun betting!

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