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Innovative Ways of Using Pegboards Around Your House: A Guide

Pegboards are excellent tools for design and organising. You’ve most likely seen them used to arrange equipment inside a garage or workshop, but they may also be employed to organise various other items. A pegboard can accommodate almost anything, including kitchenware, kid’s toys, shovels, etc.

Pegboards are handy since they can support a significant amount of weight. This also makes it possible to organise goods without burying them in containers. As such, you can manage your environment while keeping everything visible and accessible.

They may also be very stylish when properly constructed. Many of them will look well in minimalistic or contemporary settings. You can also use a huge photo frame or planks of wood all around the perimeter to make it appear like art pieces. And here are some creative ways of using these boards around your house.


The most typical application for a pegboard would be to arrange equipment in a shed or workshop. Tools with cavities in the grips may be hung on pegs and hooks. This way, you’ll never lose tools again after hanging them, as they’ll be accessible and arranged.

Desk Accessories

Another popular application would be to arrange desk accessories. Everything typically occupies space in the drawer storage, or the desk may be placed outside. You may also consider adding pen holders or shelving to make the board more functional.

Sewing Area

They may be helpful in sewing areas as well, as they can easily grip cloth, threads, yarn, needles, and scissors. Since these objects are small, they are easy to forget — but placing things on this board may assist you in keeping everything organised so nothing gets lost.


In the washroom, a pegboard might also store soap, houseplants, toothbrushes, and loofahs. You could place it beside the shower or a wash basin. Doing this will keep your countertops clear, making cleaning easy and maximising your area’s utility.

Fitness Equipment

These boards can help arrange household sports equipment innovatively. You may hang dumbbells, mats, and bands on the board instead of putting them on the side of your training space on the ground for easy access.

Gardening Equipment

Another promising feature of this board would be to arrange gardening supplies. Like other gardening equipment, compact gardening shovels and rakes frequently include a hole in their grip for simple organising on hooks and pegs.

Kids Toys

Pegboards can also be used to arrange kids’ toys. You can place it in a nursery, playroom, or child’s room. Little bins and shelves might be helpful when arranging toys on the board. Toy pegboards for learning and developing motor skills in kids have also been quite successful.

Paint Supplies

Paint brushes feature cavities in their grips, allowing them to hang on hooks and pegs. You may arrange a paint workstation in your house if you paint frequently. And this may be useful while waiting for paintbrushes to dry following cleaning them.

Books or Magazines

Put pouches on pegboards to arrange items like journals and magazines for convenient reading accessibility. Additional design elements, such as tiny plants and fairy lights, might be incorporated to make the room more visually appealing.

These boards are highly versatile tools that can completely change the look of the area you put them in. It can transform your house in multiple ways, proving to be functional and easy on the pocket while being sturdy long-term. So, go as creatively as possible and use them uniquely at your home.

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