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Preschool Math Games Your Child Will Want To Play

If you’ve been looking for fun preschool math games for your child, you’ve come to the right place. Our HOMER learning experts have compiled a list of some of our favorite hands-on math activities to keep your child learning and engaged.

Before we break down our list of fun games for your child to enjoy while at home, or even consider a math summer camp to keep them from losing knowledge as they age, we’d like to discuss why they matter. Why should you put so much effort into trying to help your child grasp essential math concepts from such a young age?

Why Are Preschool Math Games Important?

They Encourage Kids To Have Fun With Math

One of the reasons we love math games is because they allow kids to engage with math concepts in a fun and interactive way. This is important because it helps children develop a love for math early on.

They Allow For Independent Play

While some games involve multiple participants and help develop social skills, other preschool math games encourage children to play independently.

Independent play is essential for children for many reasons. It helps them develop problem-solving skills, creativity, self-regulation, and so much more.

Fun Preschool Math Games

1) Numbered Chocolate Chip Cookies

What To Do:

Just because there’s math involved in a game doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty, too!

The goal of this activity is number matching. To get started, you’ll need to choose your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Then, mix the ingredients to form the dough.

Before you move on to adding the chocolate chips, you’ll need to portion out enough batter to form the cookies. Each cookie dough ball will get its own number of chocolate chips, and a roll of the die will determine how many.

Let your child count the dots on the die, and if they’d like more chocolate chips, they can roll again!

This activity will help preschoolers practice their counting, familiarize them with the symbols of these numbers, and also demonstrate how to follow directions.

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2) Fill The Cup

What To Do:

The goal of this activity is simple: Be the first person to fill the plastic cup.

To get started, you and your child will need to roll your dice at the same time. Based on the number you just rolled, you will then start filling up the plastic cup (with marbles or dried beans). For example, if you rolled a four, add four beans to the plastic cup.

Continue rolling the dice and adding items as you go. The first person to fill their cup is the winner! Keep in mind that the larger the items you choose, the faster the game will go.

Before getting started, remember to help your child get used to the game’s components (rolling the dice, reading the number, and then adding the items to the plastic cup).

If this is a little challenging for your young learner, feel free to switch things up by rolling the dice for each other. For example, your child can roll the dice, and you will then need to read the numbers and add that specific amount of items to your cup.

3) Number Picture

What To Do:

Begin by drawing five to 10 large circles on a piece of paper. Next, let your child choose a number for each circle. They can then put the designated number of stickers in the circles.

This is a simple but fun activity for preschoolers that allows them to play independently while learning. Let them work on their own and show you the results of their work when they are done.

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