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Buy the perfect vanity for yourself!

Choosing the right vanity could be the most crucial decision you have to make during any bathroom renovation, even though it’s not the easiest. Your vanity will not only offer storage for extras but also serve as the focal point of your room’s fresh decor. This guide will give you the knowledge to make your experience less stressful and help you buy vanities online for yourself.

The Proper Fit

Your vanity will not only offer storage for extras but also serve as the focal point of your room’s fresh decor. The size of a vanity that will fit in the room will depend on how the bathroom is organised. It would help if you bought a vanity that matches your bathroom the way you want. If the vanity doesn’t fit correctly, it will not look good.


The size of a superiority that will fit in the area will depend on how the bathroom is laid out. Consider how the vanities will be used while choosing the size. A double-sink vanity can be the most excellent choice to provide different spaces in a common area if you are remodelling a primary bathroom. Although some double vanities are as tiny as 48 inches wide, most are between 60 and 72 inches wide. If you are remodelling a guest bathroom, you will probably need a sink vanity, which usually spans from 18 to 48 inches. A corner, facade, or narrow-depth vanities is the key to maximising your space in small bathrooms.

Who will use it?

Who will use the new vanity in the bathroom should be your first consideration. A vanity with two sinks can be convenient for couples who share morning bathroom duties. A single sink could be adequate if you are living alone. Next, consider the vanity intended to function as part of your decision-making process. A vanity with extra counter space and drawers is a good investment if you spend a lot of time in the bathroom styling your hair and applying makeup. Finally, it is a good idea to think about a tough SmartShield coating for the vanity top if kids will be using it frequently.

A Guide to Buying Vanity Cabinets That Fit

Use drawers to store and organise the daily necessities that clutter your countertop. Consider what matters most to you in a vanity’s design, and bear that in mind as you browse your selection.

It would help to choose the sink type you want and determine whether you want a vanity with a small bowl or two bowls. Unfortunately, due to interference like doors and shelving, most vanities online can only accommodate a specific sink style. Therefore, it’s critical to understand what every vanity will support.

Bathroom Sink

These sinks are available in various sizes, styles, materials, and colours and sit on top of the substrate. Vessel basins add to the vanity’s total height, which may not be perfect for young children unable to reach, so keep that in mind.

Wooden corner bathroom vanity with under-mount sink

The majority of vanities are designed to go with under-mount sinks. The most popular sink is installed beneath the counter and usually comes in an oval or rectangle shape, porcelain or copper.

Wood bathroom vanity in the mission style with a trough or integrated sink

Integral sink tops often referred to as trough sink tops, combine a countertop and a sink in one. These seamless-looking sinks are usually made of white ceramic, stone, or concrete.

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