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Find Similar Images in different sizes and resolutions

Sometimes you have an image you consider perfect for using on your blog post or site, but then unluckily, you get disturbed seeing the size and resolution of the same picture. Everyone faces the same issue. It can be because of various reasons that you cannot use the size of the Image you have.

For instance, if You have seen an Image and liked it, you can upload it on your site or blog, but when you upload an Image with a high resolution, it takes too much time to open it. When visitor faces timing issues, they turn to other sites. It can affect the traffic on your sites. It is just one reason; there can be various other reasons for finding images in different sizes and resolutions.

How to find a Similar Image in different sizes and resolutions?

Whatever your reason is for finding an Image in different sizes and resolutions, you can find it easily by Reverse Image Search. You can find an Image using Google, where you must upload it in the search box or paste a URL and search for it. You get various results that include;

  • Identical Images.
  • Suggested Search Term.
  • Visually Similar Images.
  • Pages with the same Images.

The first one is essential for you, where you can get the same copied Images with different sizes and resolutions by Reverse Image Search.

Why can you not sometimes get the Image or results for an Image you searched for?

There can be various reasons behind it. Sometimes it happens that even Reverse Image Search doesn’t work. You enter a specific Image and get no results.

Sometimes, your search engine doesn’t have the related content, and at other times even having the Images, they are Indexed. It is the top reason people go to other tools rather than Search Engines.

Advantages of using Reverse Image Search over Manual Searching:

You can get various benefits by Reverse Image Search instead of searching manually for visual content or Similar Images. You can;

  • It is easy to get the related visual content by Reverse Image Search; while Searching manually, you feel bored and can’t get the desired content.
  • If you have liked an Image and want to post it but don’t know whether it is allowed, You can use Reverse Image Search. In contrast, you cannot search manually for the Image by writing names and topics.
  • You can find the Original Source of a specific Image, who has created or Photographed it, or who is using it legally. While in the Manual method, your search and as you do not have the main thing you are searching for, you cannot get desired Results.
  • You can also find Plagiarized Images. Who else is using or copyrighting your Image without asking your permission or giving you credit?
 Alternatives of Google for Reverse Image Search:

Though Google is regarded as the top search engine, whether it is about searching other content or Images, undoubtedly, it is. But sometimes you must find an alternative to Google for Reverse Image Search. There can be various issues with People who turn to other Search Engines or tools.

You are not finding the related content. You are not getting Similar Images in different sizes and resolutions. You belong to a country where access to Google is not allowed.

To solve all these problems, you can use Chrome, Yahoo, Firefox, Opera, MAC, TinEye, etc. TinEye is considered the best, but it is not free, and most people prefer free tools or Search Engines. You get options for free search engines and tools, like SauceNAO.

 Why do people prefer Reverse Image Search tools rather than Search Engines?

Reverse Image Search tools work much faster and provide you with accurate results. They use an algorithm for scanning images and provide results of the same Image in different sizes, colors, and shapes. They recognize facials, which help you find the person you want to search for.

The process of searching on Reverse Image Search tools is also quite similar to Google and easy, and everyone can have excess to it.


Finding Similar Images in different sizes and resolutions is not as easy as it looks. Though you have to upload an Image, sometimes you do not get related Research. So, you can use various other Search Engines and tools for it.

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