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Allegiant Air’s Seat Selection Policy: How to Get the Best Seat

When it comes to air travel, selecting the proper seat is essential for a comfortable journey. Allegiant Airlines, known for its cheap flights, prioritizes seat selection, improving the whole travel experience. In this tutorial, we’ll go over Allegiant seat selection policy, discuss seat options and associated charges, and provide useful recommendations for optimizing your seating decision without going over budget. For booking and inquiries, visit the Booking Trolley or call +1-585-935-7101. Secure your ideal seat on cheap Allegiant flights to enhance your travel adventure.

Understanding Allegiant Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Allegiant Airlines has a seat selection policy that allows travelers to choose their seats. It should be noted, however, that seat selection is not a typical feature in the ticket price. Passengers must pay an additional price to choose their chosen seat.

Types of Seats and Associated Fees

Allegiant Airlines offers three main categories of seats, each with its fee structure:

Standard Seats: These are the standard seats found throughout the flight. The cost of selecting a basic seat varies depending on several factors, including the precise route, the time of booking, and the seat’s location within the aircraft.

Preferred Seats: These seats are usually near the front of the plane or have more legroom. When compared to a conventional seat, choosing a preferred seat costs more.

Premium Seats: Premium seats are often located in the first few rows of the aircraft and provide the maximum legroom and overall comfort. These seats, as expected, attract the greatest price.

Factors Affecting Seat Selection Fees

The fees for seat selection on Allegiant Air flights can be influenced by several factors:

Route Distance: Due to the length of the route, longer flights may have higher seat selection costs.

Seat Type: Fees for various seat types (standard, preferred, and premium) vary, with premium seats being the most expensive because of the improved features and comfort they provide.

Booking Timing: The timing of your booking might have a considerable impact on seat selection fees. When compared to last-minute bookings, booking early frequently results in lower seat selection fees.

Tips for Getting the Best Seat

While Allegiant Airlines does charge for seat selection, there are strategic ways to secure a favorable seat without spending a fortune:

  • Book Early: Make every effort to book your flight as soon as possible. Passengers who book a few days in advance usually pay a cheaper seat selection cost. This not only ensures you a preferable seat but also a smooth booking process.
  • Check-in As Soon As Possible: Allegiant Airlines enables online check-in 24 to 45 hours before the trip. Set a reminder and check in as soon as it opens to enhance your chances of obtaining a good seat without paying an additional cost.
  • Consider traveling Off-Peak: If your travel plans are flexible, consider traveling during off-peak hours or on less popular days. There may be more seat options available during these times, as well as lower seat selection prices.
  • Leverage Frequent Flyer Programs: If you are a member of Allegiant’s loyalty program or any associated frequent flyer program, you may be eligible for benefits such as discounted or even free seat selection. This can considerably lower your overall travel expenses.

Contact the Booking Trolley Website for Seat Selection

To streamline your seat selection process and ensure a cost-effective choice, please call +1-585-935-7101. They provide excellent customer service, guiding you through any seat selection concerns you may have.


Understanding Allegiant Air’s seat selection policy is the first step toward having a pleasant journey. Choosing the appropriate seat can have a huge impact on your whole flight experience. You can find the best seat without exceeding your budget by being familiar with the seat categories and associated fees, examining numerous aspects affecting seat selection fees, and following smart advice.

Booking early and checking in on time are two of the most important steps that will increase your chances of receiving a premium seat at a fair price. Additionally, using frequent flyer programs and the Booking Trolley website for seat selection will improve your Allegiant Airlines travel experience.

Happy seat selection, and may your flight with Allegiant Airlines be comfortable and delightful!

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