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Advantages of having condor tactical pants and condor sidekick pouch in the field

When going out in the field, your ensemble won’t be complete if it lacks a psychic pouch or tactical pants. Condor tactical pants are specifically designed to withstand heavy-duty abuse without facing wear and tear. Condor tactical pants are made of rip-stop, durable, and stretchable material ready to take the beating put through when holding all the equipment needed for the mission. Condo tactical pants have pockets for your tools, extra magazines, knives, gadgets, and other utilities. These Condor tactical pants have been said to have the capability to replace entire backpacks. Not only do these have cargo pockets, knife slots, but they also have rear wallet pockets and calf pockets available in a variety of sizes, shapes as well as locations to keep all your necessary items safe. The advantage of baggy pants is that it works the heavyweight fabric. It helps to disperse the weight of the pant and the gear. It allows you to move more comfortably without the existence of the awkward drag. The pocket that is present on the side of the inner knee pad adds to support the pant and increases the comfort when going on difficult missions. These world-class Condor tactical pants have undergone DuPont Teflon treatment. It provides enhanced stain resistance capability and prevents the fading of the material.

Your tactical gear is not complete without a proper sidekick pouch. Condor sidekick pouch is an amazing utility pouch that can handle all your tools like a mini flashlight, Allen wrench, pen, pocket knife, as well as any other accessories you wish to take along on your journey or survival mission. The paracord inside the pouch helps create a 90° angle and converts the pouch into a mini workstation. Taking the items out of the pouch or keeping the things in the pouch also becomes easier due to the presence of this paracord.

Features of the condor sidekick pouch

  • The paracord allows the pouch to open and adjust fully
  • The sidekick pouch has MOLLE webbing specifically meant for modular attachments
  • Multiple elastic holders are present in the pouch
  • There is one external pocket in the Condor tactical sidekick pouch which has a zipper closure
  • The pouch contains one interior pocket
  • The sidekick pouch also has a loop patch panel

These Condor sidekick pouches generally come in one specific size and are made of a resistant material to tear and abrasion. This Condor sidekick pouch is the perfect organizer bag for your optical instruments, survival guide, and necessities, as well as any other tools you need in the field. The outside of the pouch is equipped with additional pockets for flashlights.

Condor tactical pants and condor sidekick pouches are practical items that guarantee to fulfill the demands of any military, travel, or survival enthusiast. You cannot go out in the field without having these two items on you.

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