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How to Make Your Favourite Scented Candle Burn Longer: 5 Easy Tips

Don’t you love to light scented candles in homes? Well, who doesn’t? Nothing is quite like the faint smell of aromatic candles throughout the house. Buying your favourite scented candles in Australia and burning them can change your mood in an instant for the better.

And what is better than the wintertime in Australia to take your candles out? While inducing your home heating and adding cosy throws to your sofa can help to keep winter chill at bay, lighting a scented candle is an instant mood lifter.

But the thing about candles is that it runs out quite quickly. Even some of the most luxurious candles burn out in no time. So how can you make candles burn longer?

Keep reading the top five tips to make your candles shine bright for more time.

1. Trim the Wick

When it’s time to turn the homes into cosy adobe, scented candles are the best. But before burning one, carefully trim the wick to (approx.) 10 mm in length or slightly less. Removing the excess wick allows an even burn.

It keeps the flame steady and limits mushrooming, creating soot marks on the wax. Also, controlling the length of the flame aids you in getting the most time out of your candle.

2. Choose the Spot Wisely

Lighting scented candles in Australia can work wonders for cosying up your home during the cooler months. However, if you place your candle in a windy area, it will burn like wildfire. So, try to keep your candles away from windows, air vents or air current in the room.

If you notice your candle flame flickering or wax tunnelling, move the candle to a less breezy place. Also, put the candle on a flat surface to ensure an even burn.

3. Limit the Burn Time

Have you seen people burning their candles for too long or not enough? It’s one of the top mistakes most people make that shortens the candle’s life. Most candles get developed to burn 3-4 hours at a time.

So, try buying scented candles in Australia and burning as close to this duration as possible.

4. Keep the Candle Clean

Keeping the wax pool clean and free from wicks is one of the easiest ways to extend the candle’s life. Remove matches and debris at all times to make it burn longer. The soot and debris act as wicks that will burn your candle down too quickly.

So, after extinguishing the candle, let it cool down and then wipe the candle’s surface with a soft cloth.

5. Store the Candle Properly

Without question, candle wax is sensitive to heat. Thus, storing the candle someplace warm soften the wax and melt unevenly. Find a cool and dark place to store your candles. Also, let the candle cool down for at least 2 hours before lighting it again.

Proper maintenance is a sure-shot way to make your candles burn for a longer time.

Winters are pretty chilly in Australia, but Aussies know how to keep things toasty. Adding a little ambience and fragrance is the perfect way to transform your home into a cosy little place. And scented candles in Australia are an ideal choice to achieve it.

However, if you’re fed-up buying candles every other week, you could use the above handy tips. Always read and heed the manufacturer’s instructions for better usage and safety. Also, remember not to light your candles while sleeping or leave them unattended.

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