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4 Things You Need To Know Abou Skin Cancer Clinic

The beautiful beaches of Australia are ideal for lazing in the summer sun. However, there is a constant worry about playing it safe with the sun. It might also concern you, especially when you are having a lovely beach day with your loved ones.

Generally, apart from skin burns, the idea of skin cancer scares us all. Even though there are many trustworthy options for a skin cancer clinic in Sydney, you can take precautions to avoid that. Wondering what are some of the most accessible preventative measures?

Sunscreen is your best friend!

Sunscreen’s primary function is to protect your skin from the harsh blow of the sun. Hence, apply sunscreen without fail whenever you go out in the sun. It’s not only about avoiding freckles, sunburn, or uneven tanning but about your health.

Generally, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is the best for proper skin protection. Another feature to look out for is the SPF level. Usually, anything above 30 should be good enough. At the same time, make sure your sunscreen is water resistant so that it doesn’t get washed away with sweat.

Look out for sunburn

The heat and intensity of sun rays are strongest between 9 am to 3pm. Avoid direct sunlight during these hours. For instance, seek shade whenever possible. If you can’t find anything around you to give you cover, carry an umbrella/hat or full sleeve shirt and scarf with yourself.

You can also use the weather forecast to plan your weekly activities. By going out on days when the sun is less intense, or it is cloudy, you can avoid the chance of sunburns.

Pay attention to your body

The presence of moles on the body increases the chances of skin cancer. This is why it is crucial to get unusually large or oddly shaped moles from time to time. Although it’s not causation, studies have shown a correlation between melanoma and blots. Cancers caught in the early stage have an extremely high cure rate.

When to see a doctor?

Prevention is better than cure. This trick stands true for any disease, including skin cancer. That is why it’s wise to check your body thoroughly every month. See if there are any out-of-the-blue shapes or marks.

Generally, any standard skin issue subsides within four weeks. But if you notice them persisting over this period, you should pay a doctor’s visit. Some signs that might entail your scar might be itchiness, soreness, or even bleeding from the area.

These marks might be nothing, but if something is wrong with them, you will catch it early. Similarly, it’s a healthy practice to visit a professional at a skin cancer clinic in Sydney once or twice a year for a complete body checkup.

Skin cancer can be an alarming thought that most of us get at some point in life. Especially with a high skin cancer rate, Australians must be extra careful about this. Although thankfully, it’s one type of cancer we have reasonable control over.

Hence, there is no reason you should stop going to the beach or avoid lovely family picnics in the park. In fact, with some healthy habits, you can successfully avoid the chances. For instance, wearing sunscreen, covering up well, and yearly doctor checkups!

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