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4 Phenomenal Restaurants in Riyadh

Being a new expat in the city Riyadh, you shouldn’t be worried about food as it is the hub of different cuisines and other than Arab stuff, you can also experience your home-country cuisine. Furthermore, the massive evolution of hospitality industry has attracted many foreign tourists, so gear-up to improve your taste buds with amazing dishes. Interestingly, a bunch of restaurants in the city bring dine-out in everyone’s budget, so you don’t have excuse of kicking off your food journey in this superb city.

Having done with native cuisine, you can also try wide ranges of western cuisines and the city is also full of ice cream spots, so enjoy your time in Riyadh with eating quality food. In this write-up, you find the city’s top eating-spots that not only give you quality food but also never bring any burden on a pocket.

1-Zafran Indian Bistro

By its name, you can judge that its main course dishes’ origin is India and yes, the awesome hygiene and quality food are what it takes pride in, so you should add this restaurant in your bucket list. Furthermore, you also find it very affordable; thus, you find a large number of foreign workers visit it regularly. Additionally, it also offers you wide arrays of traditional dishes, so do enjoy it and enhance your dining-experience. While exploring different restaurants, you should also consider visiting the platform that is called Booking.com where you can find the dining spots of your own particular taste and budget. There, you can also save money but for that, it is very important that you get the Booking.com voucher code, so get it and keep enjoying quality food while being in Riyadh.


Yes, you are right it offers Japanese cuisines in the most advanced desert of the Gulf region and the food is super-tasty with being pocket-friendly, so visit this awesome place and experience the great ambience. Furthermore, it is also the right place for all the vegan-food lovers and being an art lover, you also get inspired of Japanese-contemporary sculpture. It means that it must be in your bucket list to keep your food-journey lifted-up properly.

3-Chorisia Lounge

No doubt, like other quality dining spots, it also has the great ambience and with that, the menu is what that caters to everyone’s specific taste. Furthermore, it also falls into everyone’s budget; hence, you find a large number of natives and foreigners visiting it. While having amazing meat dishes, the vegan-food lovers also find dishes of their own taste, so you should also explore it and rock your style.

4-Najd Village

If the local culture attracts you most then it is the place to visit where you get to know about the Arab’s lifestyle and foods without emptying your pocket. Other than local cuisine, you also find the middle-eastern cuisine and right from rice to meat; you find supreme quality and never forget to try its yogurt that is super tasty.

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