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6 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Lake Tahoe

From stunning blue water, magnificent mountains, and an abundance of activities, Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Where else can you hit the beach, go hiking, enjoy the nightlife, and take a ski lesson, all in the same area? If you plan to visit Lake Tahoe, read on to learn 6 tips that you need to know to plan the perfect trip.

You can visit any time of the year

No matter when you visit, Lake Tahoe is stunning. In the summer, enjoy mountain biking, swimming, paddle boarding, and boating. During the fall, relish in the autumn foliage while avoiding the crowds. Lake Tahoe’s winters include beautiful skiing weather and lots of snowy activities. Spring is perfect for hiking or mountain biking, with plenty of sunshine. There is never the wrong time to visit Lake Tahoe with gorgeous scenery and tons of year-round activities!

Plan at least a two-night stay

Lake Tahoe offers plenty of things to do, and you don’t want to be rushing around while you’re here. Spend an extra day recovering from your travels by relaxing on the beach. During your second day, you can enjoy all that Lake Tahoe has to offer, from hiking to water sports. Because Lake Tahoe is known for its relaxed atmosphere, you don’t want to be rushing around from one thing to the next. Extend your trip to truly experience the culture of Lake Tahoe.

Drink lots of water

Because you won’t be able to find a store way up in the mountains, you’ll need to remember to pack enough water for long hikes and days at the beach. The high altitude of the mountains can cause dehydration twice as fast, so pack lots of water, and be sure to hydrate throughout the day. In addition to water, you’ll also want to pack lots of snacks. You need to keep your energy levels high while doing any kind of hiking, so granola bars, nuts, and fruit are all great options.

Bring a Jacket

Even in the summer, Lake Tahoe nights tend to be on the cooler side. Bring at least one pair of pants and a sweater or jacket to wear if you plan on going out at night. That being said, there is no need to overpack. Most places in Lake Tahoe are casual, so pack comfortable clothes, along with some layers in case the weather is cool.

Avoid getting lost by planning in advance

With its twisty roads, Lake Tahoe can be confusing. Lake Tahoe is much bigger than people expect, and it actually takes two hours to drive around the entire lake. If you make a wrong turn, you’ll have to backtrack around the lake, costing you precious time. Google Maps offers a better map experience of Lake Tahoe than Apple Maps, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Use our self-guided driving tour

The best way to get around Lake Tahoe is by using our self-guided driving tour. By using our app, you’ll be able to explore hiking options, historical homes, breathtaking vistas, and waterfall views, all while moving at your own pace.

There’s no need for a travel guide when you are using our self-guided tour! Our audio guide’s itinerary includes popular sites like Emerald Bay, Eagle Falls, Meeks Bay, Carnelian Bay, and the Cal-Neva Casino. This low-cost, GPS-navigated tour offers maximum value and flexibility, making this the best way to experience Lake Tahoe. By using our self-guided tour, you can experience Lake Tahoe at your leisure, any time of the day!

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